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Learn about cryptocurrencies and how to invest today

Cryptocurrencies are a kind of virtual currency, which have a special connotation, which can be applied widely and worldwide. What makes them special is that they reduce the great value difficulties inherent in virtual worlds.

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Advantages of investing with cryptocurrencies

• They provide you with security when making transactions: monetary operations made with cryptocurrencies are quite secure because the use of blockchain technology is implemented, which is quite difficult to hack.

• It is a global currency: some of these digital currencies are supranational and are not controlled or regulated by any public institution.

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If you want to venture into this monetary field, new by others, such as cryptocurrencies, and you want to invest when buying Bitcoin, Dogecoin among others, you should seek timely information and advice regarding the issue of buying cryptocurrencies, so that you can evaluate all the aspects related to this topic.

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If you lack good information on this subject, it may be somewhat complicated at first, but we inform you that it is an easy procedure to learn, but you must bear in mind that it is an investment whose investment remains a latent risk, in whose investment You may lose some or all of the money you invest.

We describe it to you in five steps, to invest in cryptocurrencies:

1) You can choose to choose a cryptocurrency broker or exchange

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Before making a cryptocurrency purchase, you should search for a cryptocurrency broker or exchange.

There is an important difference between each one, which you should know

Cryptocurrency exchange

On this platform, both buyers and sellers meet to exchange cryptocurrencies, these exchanges have low fees, these exchanges are a bit complex, which can be uncomfortable for new cryptocurrency investors.

The best – known cryptocurrency exchanges are the following: Binance, Gemini, count, although it is true that for new investors they do not have enough experience it may not be easy at first, it is no less true that it provides you with alternatives to buy easily.

Cryptocurrency broker

Through these cryptocurrency brokers, you will be able to avoid complex steps for the acquisition of cryptocurrencies, in which you will find easy-to-use interfaces.

Some brokers charge high fees, while others do not. Sometimes these brokers have restrictions on moving your cryptocurrency off the platform.

2) You can create and at the same time verify your account

Whatever your choice of cryptocurrency exchange or broker, you have the option to register on the platform, so that you can open an account, you will need this

depending on the amount of purchases and to verify your identity. You must keep in mind that it is a procedure to avoid fraud and thus avoid money laundering.

You will not be able to carry out any purchase-sale operation until you complete the verification process. They will ask for proof of passport, license to verify your identity.

3) You must deposit in cash to be able to invest

You must make sure you have money in your account for the purchase of cryptocurrencies. By making a deposit in the cryptographic account in connection with your bank account, or you can also do it by paying with a credit or debit card. Depending on your payment method, You may have to wait a few days, in order to have the money and proceed to buy the cryptocurrencies.

4) You can place your cryptocurrency orders

If you already have money in your bank account, you can start buying cryptocurrencies. You have many purchasing options, since there are different types of cryptocurrencies, among them we have: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

When making the purchase you can identify it with its corresponding ticker symbol, that is, if your purchase is for Bitcoin, the symbol is: BTC.

5) You must select a storage method

These cryptocurrency exchanges are not protected, and there is a risk of theft or hacking.

You must keep your codes safe, in order to access your account, it is for this reason that it is vital that you have a totally secure storage site for your cryptocurrencies.

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