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The best free online courses you can do

By taking a course, you are increasing your knowledge every day, it makes you a fully educated person and full of knowledge, therefore it makes you a competitive person for any field of work. You will be able to learn in the area you want, comfortably, flexibly and at your convenience, with highly trained experts, such as: EDX, Udemy and Coursera, they are in charge of giving the best free online Courses.

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These free courses give you the alternative to enjoy the variety of topics contained in these courses.

Types of courses

There is a wide variety of free courses, which provide you with excellent knowledge in different areas, these have a notable variation according to the complexity of the subject and its duration.

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The purpose of this great variety of courses is for you to experience new knowledge and put it into practice, so that you can perform in the elarwa of your choice. Currently, you do not have to take long-term courses and with high costs, since these courses of which We talk to you in this article, you can do it easily, quickly and at no cost, and the best thing is that you adapt it to your schedule and available time.

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The best courses

These free online courses stand out for being taught by highly trained staff with extensive experience in the area you want to choose to study.

Where, from the beginning of it, it indicates the work capacity required by the study and its respective duration. These courses are generally governed by a wide flexibility, adapting to the lifestyle of those who decide to take them and with the granting of a certificate to the finish the course.

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There is such a great variety and high demand for these free courses, that you will not know which one to choose, it is for them that each course is carefully analyzed, so that you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

The best free online courses on Coursera

One of the most visited and popular online learning sites is Coursera. It is related to universities worldwide, and some of them are Stanford and Imperial College London. Likewise, it is associated with companies such as Google and IBM, which offer you knowledge in certain areas, such as machine learning.

Coursera currently has around more than a thousand free online courses, in different and varied topics, in the following areas: marketing in social networks, graphic design, psychology, among other options, developed at beginner levels: intermediate, mixed and advanced.

The best courses on Udemy

Udemy is the go-to site for taking any free online course you want to take.

This study platform offers you around more than 180,000 courses. In Laos, there are currently 580 free courses available, with a high diversity of topics, such as training in marketing, web, animation, among others.

All these courses are being taught and dictated by a highly trained staff with long experience and other experience in any of the areas available for study, they are related to universities.

The best free online courses at Harvard University

Harvard University takes the lead with respect to the wide variety of topics that it offers when you decide to take a free online course, this university being one of the most prestigious universities worldwide.

Among the studies to be carried out you will find: Humanities, data science, medicine, computer science, programming, social sciences and many others. The aforementioned courses can have a duration of 15 weeks or they can vary in duration depending on the course to be taken, you will be able to receive a duly accredited and verified certificate, which you will take with university professors.

Other sites for courses:

• Free online courses in humanities: EdX.

• Future Learn free online courses.

• Free online Open Learn courses.

• Free Skillshare online courses.

• Free online courses Alison.

Free online courses with certificates

• OpenLearn.

• Coursera.

• LinkedIn Learning.


• Cane courses.

• Dr. Harvard University.

Contact information

If you want more information and want to know about these free online courses, you can directly contact the following links:

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