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You can get to work as a care assistant, care home

Taking care of our elderly, is a duty that we must always keep in life, to give the treatment that they deserve so much, as well as provide them with attention, security and above all company in quantity and quality. The limitations in terms of their body movements, hinders in physical health and loneliness are some of the problems that negatively influence the mental health of older people and are often closely related to mental disorders. Providing love also means, performing and continuously helping for personal hygiene, being pending if they present symptoms or alteration in their organism.

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Ensure that they remain active, talk with them to feel accompanied, motivate them to walk, in the event that they can do it, and if they are in bed, change their position every two or three hours. If you have any study in this area and you have the capacities to help the care of the elderly, we inform you that this work as a care assistant is for you.

The work is to do it in a house-residence for older people in Barchester, providing support, help, dedication, care, among others for those people who deserve it well.

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Functions to perform at work

• Help with inherent activities to daily life, such as: your personal hygiene, food, drinks, among others.

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• Be aware of your health, observe any change, to show off some discomfort.

• Follow step by step the daily program for personalized care to each patient.

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• Provide a pleasant company.

• Dedicate quality time.

• Provide affection and a lot of love.

• All those activities and actions that can make a significant change in the life of these people, otherwise comforting in life that exercises this trade.


• Have experience in care and protection for the elderly.

• Have care skills, desire for collaboration, support, understanding, communication and empathy.

• Post the best faith attitudes, to fulfill this work every day.

• Provide personalized attention for each specific case.


• Competitive salary.

• Learning and evolution in your career, free.

• A Golden Hello of £ 500.

• A lot of discounts in terms of vacations, stores and more.

• Registration in profits participation systems.

• Unlimited access to bonus schemes.

• You will receive incentives per employee of the month.

• You will receive awards, among others.

Ways to contact you

At the time of presenting your job application, in recruitment personnel will be communicated with you, you will receive advice in said contracting procedure and will contact a client who as consideration is convenient for your functions, requirements and location

Important information

The company makes an important statement, and that is that will not communicate with the applicant for the workplace via WhatsApp, and much less will ask for banking data, therefore they do not supply them, but ask you.

So that you can have the security and peace of mind that you are looking for a job safely, you must enter your reed link, where you provide all the information you require for free, of the trained personnel to give you the best of advice in the workplace .

Contact information

If you live in the United Kingdom and have skills for understanding, empathy and patience to perform this job position as a care assistant, we notify you that you can contact through the following links:, or you can also get to access or apply directly to what this job is to be able to become a care assistant, therefore keep in mind that if this is a Work with which you would like to be able to have a complete development and count all those benefits that are available with this, it is important that you directly direct yourself to said web portal in specific.

The link of this job as a caregiver, you get it here:,% 3fsortby%3ddisplaydate

Where you will provide all the necessary information and the one you require for this job as a care assistant.

You can also contact through your social networks such as:

• Facebook.

• Twitter.

• Instagram.

If you liked the content of this article and its respective information, we invite you to share it with other interested people and resident of the United Kingdom, so that they can access this information., As it is also important that it is kept in mind that this article It is not related to what the To be able to accept people in this work program, the development of this same or the way in which you have the acceptance of this work, therefore we recommend that you directly address the link that is had for this position of work and thus have more information in general.

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